3D Impact of metal plate, rebuilding of mesh after large deformations

A rigid sphere impacts on a metal plate. In each time step a new mesh is build, to prevent the elements from becoming too distorted. State variables (velocities, stresses, etc.) are mapped from the old mesh onto the new mesh.

In the calculation the element nodal force calculation, the contact algorithm and the mapping algorithm are parallized.

The plastic strains in the mesh after these time steps are shown below. The rigid sphere is just starting to make a complete hole in the plate.

An extra 2D calculation is done, at a lower impact speed. The plot below shows the plastic strains for this 2D calculation.

We also show the mesh of the 2D calculation. It is still quite good, because of the remeshing, which is the reason that the calculation can be continued at high material deformations.

Here is the Inputfile.

The plots are made with the GID pre-post processor.