Wed Dec 30 09:27:01 UTC 1998
Changed visual tochnog into Tochnog-GID.
See the manual section for Tochnog-GID.
See the links section for a link to GID.
(We hope to provide in this way a more professional graphical environment for Tochnog).

Mon Dec 28 18:52:31 UTC 1998
Introduced Nadai hardening law for Von-Mises plasticity (metals).

Wed Dec 16 15:36:56 UTC 1998
Changed the manual: make more clear that the program can do both explicit and implicit calculations.

Tue Dec 8 14:38:15 UTC 1998
Changed control_print_matlab (plotting of mesh without unknowns; thanks to Luca Fasolo).
Check out the matlab plotter of Luca Fasolo; see the links section.
Changed email address to
Changed home page to

Tue Nov 17 15:32:30 UTC 1998
Changed control_print_data_versus_data.
Introduced second order work materi_work as unknown, so that locations of material instabilities can be detected.
Changed visual tochnog default coloring.

Mon Nov 16 07:59:21 UTC 1998
Introduced some vector and tensor plotting in visual tochnog.

Sat Nov 14 10:29:03 UTC 1998
Introduced 'thanks to ...' section at the homepage.

Thu Nov 5 10:16:41 UTC 1998
Introduced the tnwget.bat file at the tn home directory. It uses the wget command to perform a new installation of tochnog. See the links section where to get wget. So, you don't need to take the distribution from the web yourself anymore, and compile; tnwget.bat takes care of that.

Wed Nov 4 15:12:16 UTC 1998
Corrected error in control_data_delete.

Sun Nov 1 15:25:04 UTC 1998
Introduced legend, values for contour colors, in Visual Tochnog. See the vtn manual.

Tue Oct 27 06:53:00 UTC 1998
Changed Visual Tochnog. See the vtn users manual and the examples page.

Mon Oct 26 08:41:07 UTC 1998
Corrected error in control_print_matlab.

Sun Oct 25 12:00:23 UTC 1998
First distribution of Visual Tochnog. See the online Visual Tochnog Manual and the examples section.

Fri Oct 16 08:54:37 UTC 1998
Changed executable name from 'tn' to 'tochnog' (for debian linux packaging).

Wed Oct 14 08:48:56 UTC 1998
Changed many data item names in preparation of vtn (visual tochnog).

Wed Oct 7 07:33:20 UTC 1998
Changed control_delete_geometry.
Changed contact_velocity_penalty into contact_penalty_velocity, etc.
Introduced force_element_volume_geometry.
Introduced section 'Files used by Tochnog' in User's manual.

Sun Sep 27 09:48:47 UTC 1998
All tn/test/*.dat calculations verified with run-time memory checker.
Changed homepage.
Changed User's manual. Many usefull suggestions from Henning Leidecker,

Tue Sep 22 12:35:10 UTC 1998
Corrected error in database after application of control_print_gmv, control_print_tecplot etc.
Changes in tn/src/Makefile for linux.
Corrected control_print_vtk.

Sun Sep 20 13:33:31 UTC 1998
Changed control_time_step into control_timestep.

Sat Sep 19 13:06:32 UTC 1998
Corrected control_mesh_macro_parameters manual.

Fri Sep 18 16:02:11 UTC 1998
Program style changes.

Thu Sep 17 16:39:44 UTC 1998
Introduced control_print_vtk.

Tue Sep 15 09:23:55 UTC 1998
Introduced logo.
Others fonts on homepage.

Mon Sep 14 11:30:23 UTC 1998
Corrected error in parallelisation.
Introduced 'Large scale computatation' example on the homepage.
Introduced dof_tyings, deleted dof_equal.

Sat Sep 12 08:58:52 UTC 1998
Changed memory usage (smaller). Download recommended.

Fri Sep 11 14:31:16 UTC 1998
Corrected tn/src/Makefile for hp.
Introduced Preconditioned BiConjugate Gradient solver. See control_solver.

Mon Sep 7 13:51:22 UTC 1998
Changed the programmers manual, 'database' section.
Introduced 'slope stability' example on the homepage.

Sun Sep 6 11:02:52 UTC 1998
Changed the programmers manual, 'implementation of the convection-diffusion equation' section.

Sat Sep 5 10:08:13 UTC 1998
Changed dependency_item.

Wednesday 2 Sept 1998
Changed bounda_sine.
Corrected error in control_print_tecplot.

Monday 31 Aug 1998
Changed automatic time-stepping a bit.
Changed users manual.

Monday 24 Aug 1998
Changed naming of database.
Introduced user_umat.
Introduced start_define ... end_define in data part.

Monday 17 Aug 1998
Corrected problem with example 19.
Changed automatic time-stepping, see control_time_step_iterations_automatic.
Introduced programmers manual.
Introduced example 19: Nonlocal plasticity in softening bar.