Thu Dec 30 08:47:25 UTC 1999
Introduced start_arithmetic ... end_arithmetic.
Skipped these actions from start_define ... end_define.

Wed Dec 22 16:24:58 UTC 1999
Introduced group_time (birth and death of elements).

Tue Dec 21 12:40:18 UTC 1999
Program style changes. Thanks to

Mon Dec 20 08:15:05 UTC 1999
Introduced post_global.
Introduced options_matrix_save and options_matrix_length.
The linux gcc compiler now works with -O3 optimization.

Wed Dec 15 08:19:03 UTC 1999
Introduced gravity in truss elements. Thanks to

Tue Dec 14 09:27:36 UTC 1999
Corrected error with commas in the input file. Thanks to
Corrected tn/src/makefile for the visual c++ compiler. Thanks to

Fri Dec 10 07:43:45 UTC 1999
Corrected error in Tochnog-GID interface. Thanks to

Mon Nov 22 14:43:47 UTC 1999
Introduced group_axisymmetric, skipped options_axisymmetric.

Mon Nov 22 08:05:06 UTC 1999
Introduced group_integration_method.

Thu Nov 18 08:14:23 UTC 1999
Introduced post_integrate and control_reset_unknown.

Mon Nov 8 08:05:10 UTC 1999
Memory usage optimized.

Thu Oct 28 06:36:25 UTC 1999
Changes for groundflow analysis. Also see the theory section in the users manual.
Download for groundflow users recommended.

Wed Oct 27 13:36:45 UTC 1999
Changed change_dataitem.
Corrected error for running Tochnog from within GID with the calculate menu in GID. Download for gid users recommended.

Wed Oct 20 08:08:52 UTC 1999
Changes in plasticity and groundflow.

Mon Oct 18 06:54:33 UTC 1999
Introduced group_truss_plasti, group_truss_rope, and group_spring_plasti.
Many changes in groundwater flow analysis.

Sun Sep 26 10:17:31 UTC 1999
Faster linux version (the gcc -O2 options now works).

Thu Sep 23 15:28:24 UTC 1999
Corrected error in geometry_cylinder. Thanks to

Fri Sep 10 09:52:59 UTC 1999
Corrected error in group_materi_maxwell_chain.

Wed Sep 8 08:56:19 UTC 1999
Changed tochnog_thermal into tntemp, etc.
Corrected errors in Tochnog-GID environment.
(Please report any further problems.)
Download for gid users recommended.

Mon Sep 6 06:51:01 UTC 1999
Special graphical environments in GID available: tochnog_all, tochnog_structural, tochnog_thermal, tochnog_groundflow and tochnog_wave.

Thu Sep 2 08:45:08 UTC 1999
Introduced group_materi_elasti_young_power (stress dependent stiffness for soils), and group_materi_plasti_mohrcoul_softening (softening mohr-coulomb model for soils).
Corrected error in the updated_without_rotation memory model.
Corrected error in the application of the umat routine (user supplied).
(For much downloading the tn/tools/tnwget.bat script may be convenient; see the distribution section in the users manual).)

Tue Aug 31 07:08:20 UTC 1999
Full Tochnog graphics inside GID pre- and postprocessor available.

Tue Aug 24 11:43:45 UTC 1999
Corrected errors in numbering in Microsoft Windows (numbers like 123 showed up as 321).

Mon Aug 23 06:54:48 UTC 1999
Clearer theoretical part for storage equation (groundwater flow).
Introduced group_materi_failure_cruching and group_materi_failure_rupture.

Wed Aug 11 10:03:57 UTC 1999
Corrected error in groundflow (thanks to

Wed Aug 11 07:18:45 UTC 1999
Major redesign of stress calculation routines. Now materi_strain_total is needed in the initialization part of the input file.

Mon Aug 9 07:10:37 UTC 1999
Arithmetic operations available in start_define ... end_define. See the user's manual.

Tue Aug 3 13:36:34 UTC 1999
Now is available.

Tue Aug 3 07:33:27 UTC 1999
Corrected error in beams (thanks to

Mon Aug 2 14:36:45 UTC 1999
Changed mesh example on homepage. Now also demonstrates control_mesh_generate_beam.

Mon Aug 2 07:47:21 UTC 1999
Introduced beam and trussbeam elements (2D) (see element, group_beam_area, etc.).
Introduced control_mesh_generate_beam, control_mesh_generate_truss and control_mesh_generate_trussbeam.

Wed Jul 28 08:14:51 UTC 1999
Introduced truss elements (1D,2D and 3D) (see element).
Changes control_print_gid (don't print results twice at the end of the calculation).

Mon Jul 26 13:15:56 UTC 1999
Introduced tendon_stress_time.

Mon Jul 26 10:21:40 UTC 1999
Introduced control_mesh_generate_spring.

Thu Jul 22 15:40:00 UTC 1999
Introduced -spring elements. (In the future more structural elements will be made).

Mon Jul 19 14:50:00 UTC 1999
Introduced -bar3, -tria6 and -tet10 quadratic elements in local mesh refinement.

Mon Jul 5 06:30:58 UTC 1999
Improved speed of solver. Especially for large problems.

Fri Jun 11 14:08:37 UTC 1999
Example 24 (impact) changed. Now uses the default Bi-CG solver, so that the calculation is more stable.

Fri Jun 4 07:43:29 UTC 1999
Changed gid2tn. Extended translater from GID to Tochnog. Better tested.
Possibility of append.dat (see Tochnod-GID manual).
(But beware: gid2tn is still heavily under development).

Tue Jun 1 13:00:48 UTC 1999
Corrected error for total lagrange in combination with group_materi_compressibility. Thanks to

Mon May 31 07:06:21 UTC 1999
Changes in gid2tn. Still heavy under development.
Now conditions, materials, etc. can be directly filled in GID menu lists.
See tochnog-gid manual.

Wed May 26 09:21:33 UTC 1999
Changed direction in force_element_edge_normal
Corrected error in gid2tn, thanks to

Thu May 20 07:27:02 UTC 1999
Corrected error in geometry_ellipse, thanks to

Wed May 19 06:50:45 UTC 1999
Available now on IBM OS2 platforms. makefile by Cheng-Yang Tan, cytan@fsui01.FNAL.GOV
Some further developments with gid2tn.

Fri May 14 07:04:34 UTC 1999
Major changes in Tochnog-GID interfacing. See the Tochnog-GID manual.
Download for gid users recommended.

Thu May 13 07:31:01 UTC 1999
New flow calculation tn/test/tube1.dat by Frank Jordan,
Changed splitting in control_mesh_split from -quad9 into -tria6 elements.

Tue May 11 07:44:23 UTC 1999
Changed force_element_edge, force_element_volume and options_residuefactor, (Too much confusion).

Thu May 6 09:45:56 UTC 1999
Introduced geometry_ellipse.
Changed area_node_dataitem.

Mon May 3 06:36:22 UTC 1999
Introduced control_data_put_double_node for putting linear nodal data fields in space.
Handy for putting linear varying initial stress fields in geotechnics.
The Politecnico di Milano and the University of Twente make nonlocal viscoplasticity calculations available. This prevents unlimited localization and so mesh dependency in softening calculations. See options_nonlocal.

Thu Apr 29 06:54:10 UTC 1999
Introduced control_print_unknowns.

Mon Apr 26 11:31:24 UTC 1999
Introduced change_dataitem.

Mon Apr 19 08:08:34 UTC 1999
The cam-clay model has been checked and is operational now; see group_materi_plasti_camclay.
Also see the Cam Clay example 22 in the users manual. Thanks to
A cap-model (for Drucker-Prager, Mohr-Coulomb, etc.) is implemented, but still being tested; see group_materi_plasti_cap.

Thu Apr 15 14:59:09 UTC 1999
Corrected error in bounda_unknown (showing up in rare occasions).
Thanks to

Wed Apr 14 10:44:19 UTC 1999
Changed default to the matrix iterative (Bi-CG) solver.
This solver is parallized (while the direct solver is not).
This solver doen't consume much memory for large calculations.
But beware: bad conditioned systems may give problems.
See also control_solver in the users manual.

Tue Apr 13 07:24:55 UTC 1999
Corrected error in viscoplasticity.

Mon Apr 12 12:54:47 UTC 1999
Introduced normal forces on edges, see force_element_edge_normal

Wed Apr 7 09:29:26 UTC 1999
Exponential visco-plastic model for soil analysis. See group_materi_plasti_visco_exponential

Thu Mar 25 13:35:43 UTC 1999
Camclay and di Prisco plasticity models for geotechnics.

Tue Mar 16 11:06:37 UTC 1999
Introduced control_distribute. Use it to get a distribution of data like material data, initial fields, etc. A new homepage example 'random' illustrates this.

Sun Mar 14 11:11:03 UTC 1999
New homepage example: Elasto-plastic buckling of heated hollow cylinder.
Input files for homepage examples now clickable.

Thu Mar 11 13:55:13 UTC 1999
Linux version now optimized (-O2 with gcc compiler). Faster.

Sun Mar 7 08:38:18 UTC 1999
Microsoft Win32 compilation with Cygwin32 (gcc compiler fow MS win32) runs ok.
Tested by Peter Hopfgartner ( See the links section for the Cygwin32 compiler.

Thu Mar 4 08:00:00 UTC 1999
Changed options_mesh and groundflow_permeability.

Tue Mar 2 07:22:54 UTC 1999
Corrected bug in axi-symmetric stress calculations (materi_velocity + options_axisymmetric).

Mon Mar 1 15:59:19 UTC 1999
Corrected another bug in consolidation analysis (materi_velocity + groundflow_pressure).

Thu Feb 25 08:08:15 UTC 1999
Corrected bug in consolidation analysis (materi_velocity + groundflow_pressure).

Wed Feb 24 08:23:01 UTC 1999
Deleted control_skip_* records. Introduced options_* records.

Tue Feb 16 08:31:47 UTC 1999
Corrected errors in interfacing with GID.
Clearified Tochnog-GID manual.
New example: forging of metal plate.
Download for gid users recommended.

Fri Feb 12 13:22:57 UTC 1999
Digital Unix multi-processor version for alpha processors available.
Use 'make alpha_parallel'. (Very fast).

Thu Feb 11 11:51:51 UTC 1999
- New: parallel win32 (windows nt) version. Thanks to Karl Syring and Marcelo Juni.
Use 'make visual_cpp_parallel'.
Or use 'make borland_cpp' i.c.w. changing SYSFILE in the tn/src/makefile.
The win32 results seem to depent much on the platform/compiler. Please report us your results.
- New: Digital Unix version, for alpha processors. Use 'make alpha'.
- Skipped node_locate records. Use options_mesh instead.

Tue Feb 9 08:02:27 UTC 1999
Corrected error in gid files (description menus sometimes too long).
Download for gid users recommended.

Mon Feb 8 07:53:51 UTC 1999
New example: Instability in metal tensile test. See the examples section.

Mon Feb 8 06:46:05 UTC 1999
Introduced -tria6 (triangular 6 noded element) and -tet10 (10 noded tethrahedron).
Clean gid files at the start of each run.

Fri Feb 5 15:43:03 UTC 1999
Corrected error in control_print_gid (description of components).

Fri Jan 22 11:18:48 UTC 1999
Introduced Sun Solaris parallel version for Sparc processors.
See the tn/src/Makefile.

Thu Jan 7 13:52:36 UTC 1999
Tochnog mailing list by Pierre Joyot.
See the links section for more info.