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options_nonlocal nonlocal_radius

By specifying this record in combination with a viscoplastic model , like group_materi_plasti_visco_power, a nonlocal yield rule $fn$ will be used in the viscoplastic law. The nonlocal yield rule needs to be initialized as unknown by the materi_plasti_f_nonlocal record in the initialization part. The nonlocal yield rule $fn$ in a point is determined by an averaging of the local yield rule $f$ in neighbouring points and using gauss weighting functions for this (i.e. the larger the distance the less the neighbouring point contributes to the nonlocal yield rule). The averaging is done over a region with radius nonlocal_radius.

In this way, you can prevent unlimited localization and so mesh dependency, in calculations with softening plasticity.

tochnog 2001-09-02