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tendon index x_0 y_0 z_0 x_1 y_1 z_1 tendon_area

This record specifies a tendon; the start point is specified by x_0 y_0 z_0 and the end point is specified by x_1 y_1 z_1. The tendon has cross sectional area tendon_area. In 1D only x_0, x_1, etc. should be specified, etc.. Tendons will automatically be distributed over the elements. This is only available for linear and quadratic elements. Only if a tendon part completely passes an element it will be embedded in the element; tendons need to be embedded in elements which have a -materi differential equation group_type.

This record automatically fills the element_tendon_direction, element_tendon_number, element_tendon_stress and element_tendon_volume records. You are not allowed to specify those records yourself.

In combination with tendons, the group_materi_memory model should be set to -total or -updated_without_rotation.

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